We provide you with a Quality, Innovative and Environmental sound partnership operation that provides your people and buildings with the best results for your business.  


Felis Services tailor a range of facility management services to suit the individual needs of every one of our clients. From labour-hire to full running operations of soft and hard services.

We care about all our clients regardless of their size, we champion many Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) with our clients and share their commitment to service excellence, sustainable operations and constant improvement.

by ensuring we provide high-quality services, operate in a safe and sound environment and by providing constant training and job development to all our staff.

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Felis Services incorporates new technologies to constantly improve our service and productivity. 

Our platforms are able to produce electronic reports such as inspection reports, store orders, incident reports and send them instantly to our clients via email.

Our server is capable of keeping a copy of this report that we save in our client's files.

In the same way, all our clients can access our IMS system and see all the necessary information about their contract, such as invoicing, inspection reports, and a complete copy of the agreement.

We are continually improving our procedures to provide a useful service to all our clients.


We Care for people, places and the environment, Felis Services provides a fully diverse and inclusive workplace, Promoting safe working conditions, health & well-being, and human rights. 

it is in our DNA to care about our environment in our responsibility is to ensure we provide environmentally sound operations in all our sites. 

Felis Services support the UN Sustainable Development Goals by:

  • Providing equal pay and opportunities

  • full and productive employment and decent work for all our staff

  • Sustainable procurement 

  • Collaborating with clients and stakeholders to deliver sustainable and community-minded Services.



Felis Services is focused toward continuous improvement and strives for employee excellence through effective work habits, skilful and safe performance. We produce the desired results of all our clients by focusing on the small details.
This translates into efficient and high-quality services for our clients 


We focus on the importance of developing and maintaining safe working conditions for our staff, clients and the public in general in all our sites. Our main goal is to keep the safety standards and constantly improve them. 

Safety is in the core of our operations and our Supervisor and Manager perform contact inspection to ensure the safety standards are met 


Felis Services employees undertake their work in an environmentally sound manner and consider environmental protection as one of their responsibilities.

We use the only Eco-friendly products in all activities in which we are engaged.

We provide waste management solutions to our clients to ensure their target are met. 


We perform internal and external reviews with quantifiable metrics to inspect and assess our performance thus we can continuously implement improvements on Quality, Safety and Environmental operations.  


We create continuous improvements based on ideas that start small. Ongoing positive changes can reap significant improvements that eliminate waste, boost productivity, encourage workers purpose and accountability, and promote innovation.

Customer Services

We are here to help you 24/7. No matter what the problem you can have peace of mind that you will be able to speak to someone who will be able to attempt toy your requirements 


With our understanding and constant communication with clients and staff, we know how to our clients' needs and give them the peace of mind from day 1


We are committed to being an employer of choice and providing a great working place that creates satisfying careers, not simply jobs.


Investment in our people is a top priority. We recruit passionate people that are customer focused with a desire to grow with our clients and us over the long term.


We maintain a highly engaged workforce through ongoing training and career opportunities, ensuring they have the right skills and knowledge to exceed our clients' expectations.

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Felis Services provides a one-stop solution to all our clients' needs for Soft-services and Hard-Services. 

Providing a dedicated manager that understand and proactively look for the solution to our client's requirements with cost-effective solutions and high quality of service.